Marketing Automation

Marketing Cloud for Consumer Businesses

Cross-channel communication, deep data driven segmentation and personalization.
Trust our best-in-class marketing automation suite to improve user retention.

live segmentation

Live Segmentation

Group users into meaningful segments. Create real-time, dynamic and rolling segments based on user attribute and their behaviour across multiple channels.

cross channel communication

Cross-channel Communication

Drive retention via triggered campaigns across Email, Push, In-App, Web, SMS, Web Push. Create cohorent messaging by targeting users' cross-channel profiling.

deep data personalisation

Deep Data Personalisation

Create a comprehensive user profile by merging user attribute data, transactional data and business data pulled via api. Engage users through highly personalised campaigns.

journey designer

Journey Designer

Put your marketing on auto-pilot by visually creating campaigns that target your customers along with their various journeys with you. Spend more time optimizing your marketing strategy and less time on execution.

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Drive Conversions With Hyper-Personalized Marketing

Talk 1-to-1 with users via deep data personalisation. Personalise your engagement campaign based on user behaviour and attributes.

One to One marketing with personalisation engine

WebEngage's personalisation module comes integrated with multi-channel marketing suite.
Increase marketing ROI with email personalisation via recommendation engine and personalisation software.

channel user profiling

Cross device/channel user profiling

Get unified view of user actions across multiple devices and channels. Minimise redundant communication with user event stitching. Get access to anonymous user profiling with personalisation software.

user event

User events

Analyse actions that matter to your business and users alike. Understand how users interact with multi-channel campaigns across web, mobile app, email and sms in real time.

personalize your communication

Personalize your communication with user profile data

Create dynamic user personas on the basis of real time user data. Drive up retention with one to one marketing to micro-segments.

real time user tracking

Real time user tracking with channel attribution

Track growth of user list across multiple channels via unified dashboard. Attribute the right channels to user acquisition and conversions with account based marketing.

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Retain Customers With Micro Segmentation Marketing

Create customer segmentation models using buyer persona and user behaviour across multiple channels. Improve customer retention rate with niche segment marketing.

Advanced customer segmentation software

Analyse each segment along business metrics that matter.
Link campaign performance to segments via dynamic goals.

behavioural segmentation variables

Group users by psychographic & behavioural segmentation variables

Profile your users on buyer persona and user behaviour across channels and devices. Implement micro segmentation marketing across customer lifecycle stages.

real time dynamic segmentation

Real time dynamic segments

Create triggers on the basis of segment transition. Analyse real time rolling segments. Drive actions for right customer retention strategies.

customer segmentation analytics

Draw insights from customer segmentation analytics

Create triggers on the basis of segment transition. Analyse real time rolling segments. Drive actions for right customer retention strategies.

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