Infrastructure Management Services

Data center Infrastructure Management

optimise the performance of data center resources

Server sprawl. Storage needs. Network equipment interoperability. All lead to soaring capital requirement and operation costs and low service quality. It is imperative to have an IT partner with a structured approach to delivering data center management services.

Ouriken brings expertise, best practices and a consulting-led approach to enterprise data center support services. We design and manage data centers across heterogeneous platforms. We implement virtualization and standardization initiatives, and migrate systems and applications to the cloud. We help you optimise your data center resources, improve service levels, boost performance and reduce costs.

Engineers at Ouriken construct and test complex client environments and then apply their knowledge and platform expertise to address your challenges and recommend the most effective ways to take the performance of your data center to the next level.

data center infrastructure management
end user computing service

End-User Computing Services

Improve productivity, processes and security

Managing a workspace ecosystem is a complex challenge, especially when your user base is spread across multiple remote locations.

Ouriken offers customised workspace services that significantly improve data management, productivity, processes and security across your company.

Our service offerings include:

  • Asset Management: Visibility and dynamic reporting on IT property; assets, and compliance application deployments, platform updates and migration
  • Desktop Virtualization: Migrating business applications to Microsoft, Citrix and VMware software-as-service models
  • Messaging and Directory: Platform consolidation and enhancements
  • End-User Computing: A single-point of ownership and accountability for all IT services consumed by business users
  • Imaging: Centralised, enterprise-wide multimedia archiving
  • Service Management: For automation, resiliency, predictive management, compliance and audit readiness
  • Knowledge Management: A single-point of ownership for an enterprise-wide knowledge base

Application Support & Services

Reduce costs and improve efficiency

Inadequate monitoring and tracking tools and lack of expertise make it difficult to effectively manage business-critical applications.

Ouriken provides world-class application support and services. We manage your applications so that you can focus on running and growing your business. We apply innovative technology and industry best practices to optimise application availability & performance.

Our services :

  • Enterprise Mobility to manage smartphones, tablets and laptops support systems, and implements enterprise-wide security policies
  • Database Management which administers & optimises Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and MySQL on UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms
  • Application Management to delivers complete functional and Tier 1 and Tier 2 support for legacy, web-based and custom applications, and off-the-shelf products from leading vendors
  • Application Packaging including software portfolio audit and analysis, planning, workflow and documentation, re-packaging and post-packaging
  • Development-Test-Acceptance-Production covering test design and implementation with well-defined service level and operation level agreements
  • DevOps that transforms organisation into a unified delivery team across agile development, infrastructure and operations
application support
technical support

Technical Support

Boost productivity with proactive technical support

Technical support is not a reactive function nut a proactive one. To keep your business running and employees productive, you have to anticipate problems and put systems in place to mitigate impact. That requires a proactive, experienced approach based on predictive analytics.

Ouriken offers a comprehensive portfolio of maintenance and technical support services for enterprises. Through our services, we quickly resolve-and often prevent-IT problems.

Our 24/7, remote and on-site technical support goes beyond traditional service delivery. Ouriken's Tech Team connects with your in-house engineers with a focus on understanding the key product fuctionality and technology related issues.Then we leverage that knowledge with our tools to recommend and implement processes to improve the quality of support services across your company.

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