Digital Solution

Your digital first approach

Organizations are facing extreme pressure to do more with lesser resources, in a scenario where 70 percent or more of their budget tied up in operations and maintenance of legacy systems.

Digital technologies create innumerable new connections, products, services, ideas, insights, and efficiencies. When you combine social, mobile, advanced analytics, cloud, and IoT with modern technologies including user-centered design, Agile and DevOps, and you have powerful digital solutions.

We blend in-depth product understanding and digital technical expertise with a consultative approach. We work with you to transform your organization and create new and innovative digital services.

Our digital strategists and technology experts are changing the way our clients think about, assemble, sell and execute digital services. From cloud platform experts and data scientists, to Ruby and Hadoop developers, security engineers, and user experience designers, it’s a community with license to open new perspectives and with freedom to explore new partnerships and the reuse of code and ideas.

Our Capabilities & Solutions

Digital Strategy

Ouriken has passionate digital strategistis who not only help client create integrated digital ecosystems, but also to strengthen brands, realize sustainted ROI, maximize the impact and most importantly to build new business value.

From envisioning the CIO of the future to accelerating enterprise-wide technology realization and adoption, we’re your essential partner in transforming and enabling your digital business.

capabilities and solutions

Digital Transformation

From “product-of-products” integration for improved efficiency and sustainability, to “ecosystem-of-ecosystems” integration for enhanced interoperability and capabilities, we provide the critical building blocks for your organization to design, deploy, and adopt effective, mission-critical integrations on any scale.

digital transformation

Experience Design

Irrespective of the objective, challenge, or solution, understanding the people component is crucial for success. Whether developing effective and meaningful interactions through user experience (UX), customer experience (CX), service design, or design thinking, our experience engineers excel in delivering human-centered solutions

experience design

Agile & DevOpsSec

Delivering a solution, not just technology, requires in-depth understanding of the objective and challenges as well as a in-depth understanding of the latest technical innovations. With cutting-edge technologies and techniques, we deliver great user experiences, creating value and solving problems through collaboration and continuous improvement.

agile and devops

Cloud PaaS/CaaS

The evolution of cloud platforms has disrupted the industry with its critical role in Agile, DevOps, and application improvement and development. Our platform and container services range from strategy, planning, development, and implementation to help your organization transition to the cloud, choose the right platform, and modernize your applications.

public cloud

Mobile & Data Platforms

As organizations migrate towards digitization of their businesses, mobile access to complete data sets has become indispensable to agencies and end users. With our open platform technologies, components, and services, your organization can rapidly configure and deploy an enterprise class Data Lake to support analytic and visualization efforts, while also establishing the foundation to support robust mobile application development projects.

mobile and data platform