Cyber Safety

Preserving the safety of your world

We are at the forefront of the cyber frontier, relentlessly pursuing innovative solutions that make the world a safer place to live, serve, and do business.

With decades of mission intelligence combined with the most advanced tools available, we protect industries against the attacks of today, and prepare them for the threats of tomorrow.

We are strategists and analysts, engineers and operators in the world’s biggest missions and we know the policies, architectures and intelligence that define cyber enterprises and operations.

Our Capabilities & Solutions

We continuously innovate services and solutions to help clients across industries address the threat landscape.

Cyber Strategy and Assessment

Your enterprise is driven forward by technology and connectivity but they also bring in new risks. It is crucial to secure today's complicated cyber landscape. We advance your goals through proven services, including program and capability assessments; future-state strategy; program transformation roadmaps and implementation; exercises and red teaming; and advisory and training. Delivering risk-based insight and action-oriented recommendations are the aspects of utmost importance and our primary focus.

Next-Generation Cyber Operations

We transform your cyber-security operations to effectively and efficiently detect and respond to the evolving threat landscape. We use our proven processes along with the innovative capabilities of our team to manage the operational security and data protection programs. These ensure security of your critical information and assets. We fuse data and information using analytics, automation and machine intelligence to root out and beat back threats at machine speed, with customised delivery approaches. The advanced hunt, red teaming and incident response services that we offer, make sure that your IT enterprise and operational infrastructure are cyber resilient.

Cyber Engineering and Architecture

The cyber tool landscape continues to grow and expand, resulting in an overwhelming number of point solutions—but they don’t fully address the evolving threat environment and bring increased operational complexity and costs over time. Ouriken's integrated engineering capabilities leverage most optimised solutions and approaches to give best ROI by reducing these complexities. We offer a broad range of engineering services including automated compliance, cloud security, identity and access management, insider threat, and network segmentation.

Secure OT

Industry interconnectedness increases your risk profile. Ouriken's operational technology expertise boosts durability and ensures safety within your operational platforms. From industrial control systems to military platforms to IoT security, we can help your enterprise prepare and mature its risk posture so you can focus on missions that matter.

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