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Product Strategy Consultation and Minimal Viable Product Development is Ouriken’s forte and we look forward to deliver on the requirement of any size and type. We can guide you through the process of development in any venture that you undertake.

Ouriken Consulting excels in co-creation & collaboration activities for development of creative & innovative products or delivering high-quality services in the field of Information Technology.

Our Consultation on product development includes:

  • Understanding Idea
  • Pointing out the market problems
  • Understanding the need of market
  • Shaping an MVP (A minimal viable product)
  • Selecting the Tech Stack
  • Understanding the Audience

Post MVP services that we offer:

  • Wire framing
  • UX/UI Designing
  • MVP Development
  • Product Development

Your organisation, transformed

In today’s digital-first world, organisations are under increasing pressure to improve customer service and continuously improvise and improve their business model. Our management consulting services empower organisations to be more efficient and effective and thrive in today’s environment.

We help you boost organisational performance, deploy new technologies in smart ways, and change and streamline processes to achieve better results for your customers and your business. We help organisations keep pace with innovation and move forward by envisioning the future.

Management Consulting

More than just analyzing problems and developing plans for better performance, our management consulting team responds to the demands of today’s data-driven digital economy with knowledge management strategies, process improvement tools, and organisational design insights.

Our change management team supports organisational change and apply multi- disciplinary approach to manage the natural cycle and effects of change. The result is desired end-state sustainable across changes in personnel, processes, systems, policy and leadership.

management consulting

Human Capital and Learning

We provide clients a strategic roadmap and proven tactics to maximize human resource capital. By engaging audiences in meaningful learning and development, we boost recruiting, on-boarding, development and retention.

human capital and running

Strategic Communications

Communication drives everything we do. We’re evolving our strategic work in tune with the current digital and disruptive environment.

strategic Communication

Acquisition, Program Management and Logistics

We help program, project and contract managers succeed within the existing acquisition system - marked by shrinking budgets and heightened expectations, control & scrutiny - by helping streamline the existing process with multidimensional thinking, strategic skills, and robust tools.

acquisition program management

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