• Micro

      From 379

        A simple to understand, handy informative website. A micro site is desgined in Brochure style to communicate with audience easily and effectively.
    • Lite

      From 499

        Concise design with a well organised layout. Information of your business and connections to your social media accounts distributed smartly throught upto 8 pages.
    • Pro

      From 379

        A website customised to every minute detail that you demand. Responsiveness, digital payment and a professional style defines this type.
    • Standard

      From 379

        A standard is a website with appropriate proportion of text and visuals. This is a basic but responsive and functional website if you are only begining with your business.
    • Ecommerce

      From 499

        An easy, promotive, fully functional ecommerce website is an online shop that accepts digital payments and orders. Use this to take your business online!
    • Booking

      From 379

        A scheduling website for taking bookings with or without accepting payments. A professional booking and scheduling website to perfectly match your requirement.
    • Catalog

      From 499

        A site made for listings of various categories. A simple, smart and smooth website where users can easily list themselves and you can monitor everything.
    • Blog

      From 379

        A site where you can update your visitors with news and happenings in the form of articles. Keep users interested and engaged with your business!
    • Bespoke

      From 649

        When none of above fits your requirement, you can speak with us directly and tell us what you need. Our team will make your site with every detail meeting your imagination.

How We Like To work

We take pride in our robust process of delivering high quality websites at affordable prices. It is necessary for you
to understand this process before you start working with us. We ensure your comfort and agreement
prior to every step.Take a look below to see what helps you. You can
contact us directly, our team will be happy to guide you!

Sign Up

Once you sign up for our service, we can get in touch and talk through the packages to provide a quote. You pay 50% of the final amount upfront and the balance when your site goes live. We accept card payments and bank transfers. Our hosting charge starts from your sign up.

sign up for services


As soon as you are on board, you answer a short design questionnaire. This is for us to understand you and what you want. We then research and do the needful. We also look at latest design trends, strategies that work well from a marketing perspective and other strong external industry websites. This stage is all about understanding what you want, adding our design and marketing experience to make a frame for your project.



Our designer will create a design for you to review and work with you until we have made what you had imagined. We offer unlimited revisions till the site goes live. Please note that after approval, the project moves into the build stage and any further design changes may incur additional charges.

design plan


After approval of the desing, we will build your website. This involves coding the said design so that it works across all devices and screen sizes. We create responsive websites (mobile friendly websites). At this stage you will give us the content of your choice for every page and if it’s an ecommerce website we guide and train you in adding categories and products.

process build


All done and your site goes live! If you don't yet own a domain name then we will work through options to recommend the best domain for your project. Regardless of if it is a new domain or an existing domain we will also let Google know to re-index the website starting its journey towards your audience.

somerset house


Our job does not end when the site goes live. For a lot of clients that is where it starts! We are here to support you as much or as little as you need and if you need any updates that you cannot or don’t want to do through the CMS we will do them under our hourly support charge. We also offer SEO services where we try and make your website rank better for agreed phrases in Google. As your business grows or changes we are on hand when you need us.

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